After returning in excess of 16M we have rescaled the strategy by 85% to allow for new subscribers to successfully follow the portfolio. The fund currently sits on a 20% cash pile with 80% currently invested.

What is Honey?

Honey is a long/short equity derivative portfolio designed to exploit time decay.  Options may be used alone or in tandem with the underlying security. Trades are limited to securities listed on US exchanges. Honey was built to do one thing: rapidly generate sizable returns – it has done this through both bull and bear markets.

In partnership with Collective2, Honey has returned over 14,000% since inception April 2018. Not only is our Growth Fund the most successful strategy on Collective2 by a wide margin, but we have also returned more than 40% to investors in 2020 through the most dramatic market swing in history.

Growth Oriented

Under normal market conditions, the portfolio is biased toward long positions – particularly those securities which we believe have the greatest potential to outperform the broader market in the short term (less than a month) to medium term (up to one year)….

Risk Management

We are conscious of the importance of risk management. We believe that superior long term returns are the result of losing less in adverse markets than maximizing gains in rising markets. Should our investment thesis on a trade prove to be no longer valid, we will….

Investment Methods

Our ideas stem from multiple sources including analyst research, general news outlets, and our own software which screens for potentially profitable trades based on parameters we have established after reviewing our successful trading history….

Securities You Recognize.

Our portfolio is carefully crafted to leverage the tech industry while offsetting sector specific risk and volatility through the addition of financial and consumer staple securities.

Google - GOOGL

Having bounced off its March lows, we believe GOOGL has found support at the 1250 range. Still off its February high, Google’s diverse portfolio and massive R&D expenditures ensure continued growth.

Alibaba - BABA

Alibaba is the perfect tool to trade based on global trade news. With the US and China perpetually one upping each other, both economies have taken a hit. With the phase one deal reached, BABA is a long term bet.

Micron - MU

With the semi market finding a base after the initial COVID-19 drop, we believe chip demand to accelerate into 2021. MU has rich weekly option premiums which make it a prime calendar spread option for the mid term mindset.

Amazon - AMZN

Having proved to have unwavering stability through global disaster, we believe Amazon poses as an attractive buy with its investment outlook for 2021 with our price target at 3100. Rich premiums also allow for a greater ROI.

Microsoft - MSFT

Microsoft’s share price has increased 48% the past year largely due to their Azure numbers. Having recovered from their initial COVID-19 drop, there is little standing in the way of reaching consensus estimates of 200.


Of the Portfolio Currently Sits in Cash

Apple - AAPL

With Apple expanding into its own curated content system, we’re expecting a further shift in their sales mix, as iPhone sales taper and higher margin service revenues increase. Future earnings reports could surprise.

Tesla - TSLA

Tesla for the time being is used as a trading tool as a result of its volatile swings. However, long term, we see a bright future for Tesla and will be adding a long term position in the near future which will be in part offset with weekly options.

Facebook - FB

With multiple price target increases following the previous earnings report, FB has shown it’s ability to weather the storm of global events. With acceleration into the 220 range, we believe moderate term value could reach 260+.

No matter where you are, our subscription based program can automatically execute trades based on your parameters. By connecting your brokerage account to the strategy, you can be as “hands on” as reviewing every trade before execution, or simply allow our trades to become your trades – automatically.

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